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Gratien & Meyer Cuvée Cardinal[Loire]
Posted by perle0 on 2006-01-07 20:47:04 [Show TN in Text Format]
Chateau/Producer:Gratien & Meyer
Wine Name:Cuvée Cardinal
Wine Score:84
Notes:I'll confess up front: I bought this red, demi-sec sparkling wine from the Loire valley mostly to break up the monotany of the all-dry, all-Champagne New Year's. I didn't think it would actually be any good; the only sparkling reds (or for that matter, non-sparkling but sweet reds) I've had, I didn't much care for. But this one surprised me.

For a slightly sweet sparkling red, this wine was actually pretty decent. The color was a dark rose tint, darker than the average blush or rose, but lighter than most reds. It had fairly small bubbles, and a nose of strawberries. The flavor was interesting, slightly sweet, but not too much so. The main flavor was of red berries, with maybe a hint of cough syrup. The highish levels of acidity helped to counter the sweetness, but I found it a bit on the sharp side. Overall, this was a surprisingly pleasant wine, not a great wine, but good quality and offering something different than your usual sparkling wines.
Tasting Date:2005-12-31
Varietal:Cabernet Franc
Production Notes:100% Cabernet franc.
Price US$:18.99
Source:Cork & Bottle, Baton Rouge

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