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Australian Army Spends 100K on Glassware

Posted by perle0 on 2005-07-18 10:56:16 (4561 views)

As hundreds of Australian troops wait to be sent to Afghanistan, the army's top brass is preparing to spend up to $100,000 on champagne flutes, wine glasses, and brandy balloons.

The shopping spree comes after the Defence Department identified a critical shortage of wine and beer glasses, pitchers and carafes in the officers' mess.

At the top of the list is 2405 champagne flutes and 3710 wine glasses. Defence records show the department is also seeking a supplier of 105 brandy balloons--the traditional tipple of generals.

Also on the list of acquisitions is 364 beer pitchers, 70 wine or spirits decanters, and 350 carafes.

While the officers are sipping wine out of fine glassware, the estimated 150 Special Air Service soldiers bound for Afghanistan will be working in drastically different conditions.

The elite SAS are trained to live off the land, no matter how squalid the conditions.

While the proper glassware is important, perhaps the officers could drink out of regular glasses, at least until the war is over.

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Might as well
Posted by Mike Perry on 2005-07-21 16:51:38
Considering where they're going, I'd say they deserve to drink out of nice glasses. It might be awhile before they get that chance again.

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