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Make Your Own "Hobo Wine"

Posted by perle0 on 2006-01-19 12:39:17 (9379 views)

[Fortified Wine]
If you're into do-it-yourself--and more importantly, you need a large supply of alcoholic beverage and you don't really care what it tastes like--you can always brew up a batch of "hobo wine" in about two weeks using just water, fruit drink, sugar, and yeast. Mmmm, Chateau de Bob Minutemaid Brown 2006! A favorite of broke college boys everywhere.

You can get fairly detailed directions and lots of discussion and commentary to help you in your winemaking efforts. And you'll be pleased to know that if you follow the directions, there's really no chance that the results will make you go blind.

On the other hand, if you have $1.59, you may prefer to simply buy some of what the real hobos drink. If you're having trouble deciding what to buy, you can always refer to the tasting notes for these fine examples of fortified winelike beverages.


Hobo Wine & Trivia
Posted by Clare on 2006-01-24 12:57:22
There was an old country/western song called, "Wine Spody Ody". Upon an recent interview on PBS, the songwriter explained that Spody Ody was the leftovers/dregs of various bottles of wine that were combined into one community bottle that the hobos drank.

I think they could have called it "backwash", too.
Posted by perle0 on 2006-02-03 11:31:51
I've heard that song--it's a fine song (though not exactly a fine beverage). Here's a link to the first minute of the original version, by Sticks McGee. (requires RealPlayer)

According to one source, the "spo-dee-o-dee" replaced a term that would have made the original version unrecordable. It began with "mother" and ended with "er" and has the same number of syllables.
hobo wine
Posted by hobo on 2006-08-02 15:30:55
hobo wine tastes like chunky asshole
Posted by todd on 2007-11-18 11:34:13
ive made hobo wine and it can taste like a $30.00 bottle as long as you take your time to let it settle enough, and use wine yeast instead of bread yeast, follow the directions for hobo wine on some of the sights,but after two weeks, carefuly poor or siphon it ito another clean jug and let it set for another week, so that there are no floties in it,/ its bueno, if your not too picky.
Posted by carlos on 2007-12-28 18:34:44
i like eggss hahahaha i like doodles =]
Posted by Fagan on 2008-04-08 14:36:53
Another source says it's a row of three shots. The first and third are port wine, the middle cheap bourbon. "Cheap whiskey in a velvet glove."

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