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World's First Wine-Tasting Musical Debuts at NOWFE

Posted by perle0 on 2006-05-11 20:20:27 (3773 views)

[New Orleans]
Wine Lovers, The World's First Wine-Tasting Musical, debuts at the New Orleans Wine and Food Experience, Memorial Day Weekend, 2006.

Audience members will see, swirl, smell, sip, and savor five wines during the show!

The 15th annual New Orleans Wine and Food Experience, (Memorial Day Weekend, May 24th-28th, 2006) proudly announces the world premiere of Wine Lovers, the wine-tasting musical. Wine Lovers tells the story of two mismatched students attending a wine class led by an effervescent teacher and their journey of discovery. Audience members enjoy five delightful wines along with the class, and everyone learns a little about wine...and love. Michael Green, nationally recognized wine educator and consultant to Gourmet Magazine, conceived and co-wrote Wine Lovers based on more than 20 years experience leading wine classes.

"The original concept for Wine Lovers came out of the inherent theatricality of my wine classes and the fascinating reasons why people are driven to attend a class in the first place," says Green, who also has previous experience working in the theatre. "I am so excited that an award-winning team of theater professionals share my intrigue with the concept and are working to bring this production to the city of New Orleans as part of the 15th annual New Orleans Wine and Food Experience."

Wine Lovers features a score written by Mr. Green and Gary Negbaur, an award-winning composer and jazz pianist. The book is by illustrator and stage-writer Travis Kramer, with additional contributions by Green and Negbaur.

"Wine is such an inherently romantic beverage that turning wine-tasting into a musical love story just felt natural," says Negbaur. Wine Lovers is directed by Jake Hirzel, producer and director of the 2005 New York Innovative Theatre Award winner for Best Musical, It's Karate, Kid! The Musical. "I am always charmed by musicals that can grow so easily out of everyday situations," says Hirzel. "Even if you have never been to a wine-tasting, you can probably identify that eccentric teacher who put a new spin on the world for you. And the people you met then, well, they could be the ones still sitting next to you today."

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