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Study: Red Wine Negates Health Effects of Being Fat

Posted by perle0 on 2006-11-14 22:35:25 (4316 views)

A new study published in Nature magazine shows that resveratrol, a substance found naturally in red wine (and to a lesser extent, white) may help the overweight to avoid some of the most common ill effects associated with excess pounds. You may still get fat, but at least you'll be fat and healthy (or sufficiently tipsy that you won't care either way).

In the study, three groups of mice were given different diets. One group ate a healthy, low-fat diet. Not surprisingly, these mice were trim and healthy.

A second group ate a high-fat diet with plenty of calories. Again not surprisingly, these mice got fat. They also suffered from many of the same ailments that obese humans are prone to, including diabetes and heart disease.

The third group of mice ate exactly the same food as the fat mice, except that they also got large amounts of resveratrol. (I guess the researchers just didn't want to deal with drunk mice, and refrained from giving them actual wine.) Guess what? They also got fat. But they seemed to be in good health nonetheless, and lived as long as the mice on the healthy diet--while the mice on the bad diet who got no resveratrol died sooner. What's more, these mice stayed more spry and active than their overweight, wine-free peers.

The moral of the story would seem to be, if you're going to eat fattening food and put on the pounds anyway, you might as well enjoy some wine with your goat cheese sauteed in lard. It won't contain as much resveratrol as the mice got--you'd need to drink 100 bottles of red wine a day to get that, and who has that kind of money?



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