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Does Red Wine Have to Equal Stained Teeth?

Posted by GraysOnline on 2012-06-30 18:03:31 (16164 views)

Whether you're attending a wine-tasting event, or enjoying a glass of wine with friends, you don't want to spoil your fun worrying about wine stains on your teeth. If you're planning to partake of red wine over the course of the day or evening, there are some simple precautions you can take to avoid embarrassing stains to your teeth. Here are some tricks to make sure your smile stays brilliant:

Rinse: Keep a glass of water or club soda close at hand and take a sip in between glasses of wine. Discretely swirling the clear liquid around in your mouth will help neutralize the affects of the wine, and help keep you hydrated as well.

Have a snack: A few bites of apple, celery, a slice or orange or lemon after you sip your wine can be very beneficial. The crisp texture of the apple or celery is mildly abrasive, and will help scrub away traces of color and help neutralize the acids caused by the red wine. The acid in the citrus fruits will have a bleaching effect. A snack will also give you something in your stomach to counteract the alcohol in the wine.

Personal wipes: There are several varieties and sizes of personal wipes available for discreet clean-ups. These come in small containers that fit easily into pocket or purse, and with a quick swipe between glasses of wine, your teeth will stay sparkling. Just be cautious about buying flavored wipes as they can distort the bouquet of the wines you're there to enjoy.

If you need a more intense treatment for teeth that have stained over time, here are some options for you:

Whitening Strips or Treatments: Teeth grow more porous as people age. The regular wear and tear teeth are subject to, the natural effects of acid from foods and drinks all take a toll on our tooth enamel; and eroded enamel absorbs stains, especially from things like coffee, tea, and red wines. If you enjoy a regular glass of wine in the evening and your teeth are have become stained, or if they were subjected to large quantities of red wine at a recent tasting, removing the stains can be problematic. There are many over-the-counter whitening strips and treatments that can be very effective at getting your smile back to dazzling. Just a caution: while these treatments can offer dramatic results, they can be abrasive, so they should only be used occasionally.

Just a little extra attention to details when you're drinking wine can keep your smile bright; but if you're really concerned, switch to white wine or club soda after a few sips of the red.


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