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Does Red Wine Have to Equal Stained Teeth?

Posted by GraysOnline on 2012-06-30 18:03:31 (12461 views)

Whether you're attending a wine-tasting event, or enjoying a glass of wine with friends, you don't want to spoil your fun worrying about wine stains on your teeth. If you're planning to partake of red wine over the course of the day or evening, there are some simple precautions you can take to avoid embarrassing stains to your teeth. Here are some tricks to make sure your smile stays brilliant:

Rinse: Keep a glass of water or club soda close at hand and take a sip in between glasses of wine. Discretely swirling the clear liquid around in your mouth will help neutralize the affects of the wine, and help keep you hydrated as well.

Have a snack: A few bites of apple, celery, a slice or orange or lemon after you sip your wine can be very beneficial. The crisp texture of the apple or celery is mildly abrasive, and will help scrub away traces of color and help neutralize the acids caused by the red wine. The acid in the citrus fruits will have a bleaching effect. A snack will also give you something in your stomach to counteract the alcohol in the wine.

Personal wipes: There are several varieties and sizes of personal wipes available for discreet clean-ups. These come in small containers that fit easily into pocket or purse, and with a quick swipe between glasses of wine, your teeth will stay sparkling. Just be cautious about buying flavored wipes as they can distort the bouquet of the wines you're there to enjoy.

If you need a more intense treatment for teeth that have stained over time, here are some options for you:

Whitening Strips or Treatments: Teeth grow more porous as people age. The regular wear and tear teeth are subject to, the natural effects of acid from foods and drinks all take a toll on our tooth enamel; and eroded enamel absorbs stains, especially from things like coffee, tea, and red wines. If you enjoy a regular glass of wine in the evening and your teeth are have become stained, or if they were subjected to large quantities of red wine at a recent tasting, removing the stains can be problematic. There are many over-the-counter whitening strips and treatments that can be very effective at getting your smile back to dazzling. Just a caution: while these treatments can offer dramatic results, they can be abrasive, so they should only be used occasionally.

Just a little extra attention to details when you're drinking wine can keep your smile bright; but if you're really concerned, switch to white wine or club soda after a few sips of the red.


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Announcing the 2012 New Orleans Food & Wine Experience

Posted by Mike P. on 2012-02-03 13:31:06 (9342 views)

What began as a small, intimate, one-day gathering of wineries and chefs 20 years ago has grown into a grand celebration of wine and food attracting more than 10,000 people each year over a 5-day weekend, and giving back to the community through support of various organizations. The 20th Anniversary of the New Orleans Food & Wine Experience, which takes place May 22-26, 2012, includes Wine Dinners hosted by more than 30 New Orleans area restaurants; Vinola, NOWFE's premium tasting event; the Royal Street Stroll sponsored by Rouses, NOWFE's signature event, a definitive evening event set in the heart of the French Quarter; and exciting Culinary Seminars which will fill the days and nights with all things wine and food. The weekend culminates with Grand Tastings on Friday and Saturday in true grand fashion with more than 175 wineries showcasing over 1000 wines and 75 chefs serving culinary delights from our region.

In addition, NOWFE will celebrate its 20th Anniversary with an international cake competition and tasting on Friday, May 25th from 8:30-11:00 pm. Invited pastry chefs Vanessa Fiorini of Toronto, Canada; Solandie Exantus of the Royal Sonesta Hotel New Orleans; Bronwen Weber of Frosted Art Bakery & Studio in Dallas; and Vinnie and Michelle Garcia of The Bleeding Heart Bakery in Chicago will join in the festivities and create their own signature version of an anniversary cake to be paired with Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte at the Big Gateaux Show. This ticketed event, hosted by Food Network's Keegan Gerhard, Sucre's Tariq Hanna, and the Royal Sonesta Hotel, will feature a burlesque-theme with Trixi Minx & the Beauties from Burlesque Ballroom. Each chef, assisted by a local culinary student, will create spectacularly designed cakes, to be displayed and tasted at a burlesque themed after-party following the Grand Tasting. Celebrity hosts and judges, including World Champion Pastry Chef and winner of Top Chef Desserts, Season 2, Chris Hanmer; native born Chef John Besh; Lee Schrager, founder of the South Beach Wine & Food Festival and New York City Wine & Food Festival; and a member of the editorial team from Fine Cooking Magazine, as well as attendees, will choose their favorite delight. The winning design and pastry chef will be awarded with a $5000 prize sponsored by Valrhona. All cake entries will be on display at the Saturday Grand Tasting in the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center. "We are so excited about this event; it will certainly highlight the glamour and excitement that New Orleans has to offer, while toasting our milestone," states Mary Beth Romig, New Orleans Wine & Food Experience Board President. "Everyone should celebrate in such grand style on their anniversary."

The event itself has evolved through the years and over its 20-year history NOWFE has contributed more than $1 million to local non-profit organizations. This year 100% of the proceeds will go towards two causes: fighting hunger in our community and supporting culinary education. The 2012 beneficiaries have been named: Second Harvest Food Bank of Greater New Orleans and Acadiana will receive 40% of the proceeds. Second Harvest Food Bank is leading the fight against hunger in south Louisiana through food distribution, education, advocacy and disaster response. Annually, Second Harvest serves approximately 263,000 people through 240 nonprofit and faith-based agencies across 23 south Louisiana parishes. The following organizations will share the remaining 60% of the proceeds: the Louisiana Restaurant Association Education Foundation's ProStart Program, Delgado Culinary Arts School, New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts (NOCCA), the John Folse Culinary Institute and the Edible Schoolyard New Orleans. "The donations we make to our local non-profits not only benefit them, but it strengthens our community as a whole," states Jamie Peckenpaugh, NOWFE Executive Director. "We are proud to have been a part of this community for 20 years and we look forward to the next twenty."

This year NOWFE welcomes Fine Cooking magazine as its National Media Sponsor and the return of Audi of New Orleans as the Official Automobile Sponsor and Rouse's Markets as the Presenting Sponsor of the Royal Street Stroll. "We are extremely proud that Fine Cooking is joining our returning sponsors in this year's event," states Romig. "Such well respected companies only enhances our reputation and opens the doors for more people to discover the allure of NOWFE."

NOWFE 2012 will be held May 22-26, 2012. In an effort to fight hunger and support culinary education, the 2012 beneficiaries will share 100% of the proceeds. Second Harvest Food Bank of Greater New Orleans and Acadiana will receive 40% and the following will share the remaining 60%: the Louisiana Restaurant Association Education Foundation's ProStart Program, Delgado Culinary Arts School, New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts' Culinary Program, the John Folse Culinary Institute and the Edible Schoolyard New Orleans.

For additional press information, including downloadable images, contact Liz Bodet 504.583.5550, or visit the media center at


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Chemicals In Red Wine Get Second Look

Posted by Mike P. on 2012-02-03 13:30:58 (9360 views)

Resveratrol, a chemical found in red wine and dark chocolate, may work differently in the body than first thought, a new study suggests.

"Resveratrol has potential as a therapy for diverse diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, and heart disease," said lead study author Dr. Jay Chung, chief of the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute's laboratory of obesity and aging research in Bethseda, Md.

People would need to drink about 667 bottles of red wine to get a meaningful treatment dose of resveratrol, a researcher says.People would need to drink about 667 bottles of red wine to get a meaningful treatment dose of resveratrol, a researcher says.

"However, before researchers can transform resveratrol into a safe and effective medicine, they need to know exactly what it targets in cells," he added in a release.

To that end, Chung and his co-authors traced how the chemical interacts in cells and did follow-up tests in mice.

They were able to track resveratrol's many interactions in a cell to understand which ones were responsible for the benefits.

Resveratrol appears to inhibit proteins called phosphodiesterases (PDEs), which help regulate cell energy, the researchers said.

Based on studies in yeast, scientists had thought that resveratrol's main target was another protein called sirtuin 1, but increasing levels of that protein in mice didn't extend their lifespan as predicted, casting doubts on that theory.

Resveratrol isn't ready to try as a medicine, Chung cautioned. Since it interacts with so many proteins, it could cause problems that haven't yet been discovered.

He estimated people would need to drink about 667 bottles of red wine to get a meaningful treatment dose of resveratrol.


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2011 NOWFE Grand Tasting

Posted by perle0 on 2011-10-16 20:59:10 (9171 views)

[New Orleans]
Held each Memorial Day weekend, the New Orleans Wine and Food Experience culminates in the two Grand Tasting sessions on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon. This year's event was spectacular, as always.

Though these events have been held in the Superdome during the past few years, it was under renovation this year. So the Grand Tastings took place in the Hilton, a very appealing space but perhaps a little small for the crowds who flock to this event. The decor, however, was probably the most successful I've seen yet. Ghostly fabric trees lit from inside with strings of lights formed the centerpieces, and on the periphery, tables with luminescent plastic footing in brilliant colors gave these edges of the scene a lovely glow.

There were, naturally, hundreds of wines being offered for tasting, from Alexander Valley Vineyards to Zonin US. At least five continents were represented--and my apologies if I missed any wines from Asia or Antarctica. As usual, there were far too many wines to taste all of them in the time alloted, and only so much the human liver could endure...but it was fun trying.

We recommend, as always, attending both sessions of the Grand Tastings if your schedule and pocketbook allow. This gives you the opportunity to try far more of the wines available. It also ensures that you can at least try to sample the offerings from all of the restaurants. You can't, of course--I know, because I tried very hard. But you can get pretty close. And while some restaurants come to both sessions, many will come to only one of the two sessions. So if you want to try everything, you have to come to both.

As an example, if you wanted to try the Best in Show award-winning Milk Chocolate "Turtle Soup" from Commander's Palace, you had to show up on Saturday. Ditto for the second-place award-winning Flaming Blood Orange and White Chocolate Creme Brulee in Pastry Shell, offered by the Hotel Monteleone. And yes, this last dish was presented to each and every person ON FIRE. I know that's what flaming means, but somehow I thought they'd extinguish it before passing it over to a bunch of wine-soused people with greasy fingers. But no! And even more amazing, as far as I could tell, there were no injuries! This was easily the most visually impressive dish of the show. It's hard to beat fire.

On the other hand, if you wanted Shrimp with Watermelon (a surprisingly good combo) from The Grill Room, or Pulled Pork Tacos from Squeal, you had to come on Friday. And some booths, no matter how many days they came, always seemed to run out quickly, like Bee Sweet Cupcakes and Sugaree's Bakery. It doesn't matter how few wines go with cake--people still want it. Review the program for the dishes and wines you can't miss and make them your priority!

All in all, though the slightly smaller space made for a little bit more crowding than usual, it was still a very pleasant space, people were friendly, and there seemed to be more available tables and bottles of water than in previous years, both much appreciated. Everyone had a great time, and after the final band gave folks a chance to sober up briefly before heading out, they all left stuffed and tipsy. And if not, they had only themselves to blame.

It's never too early to start planning for NOWFE 2012!


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Act Fast on NOWFE Offer

Posted by perle0 on 2011-05-18 08:39:07 (10631 views)

[New Orleans]
If you're thinking about attending this year's Royal Street Stroll at the New Orleans Wine and Food Experience, there is a half-off discount through Living Social that you should check out immediately.

This offer is only good for one day (starting 5/18/11), so make sure that you act now!


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New Orleans Wine & Food Experience 2011 Approaches

Posted by perle0 on 2011-05-06 17:17:43 (8983 views)

[New Orleans]
Once again, as Memorial Day weekend draws near, so does NOWFE, the New Orleans Wine and Food Experience. This most extensive and exciting of wine-related events in the city, and even the state, will take place from May 24th-May 28th, with numerous ways to participate in the festivities. Any wine-lovers within reach of New Orleans should leap at this chance to enjoy literally hundreds of wines at these memorable events.

Highlights of the NOWFE include the following events:

On Tuesday, May 24th, the Ella Brennan Award Dinner & Auction, the Ella Brennan Lifetime Achievement in Hospitality Award will be awarded to famed Louisiana chef Paul Prudhomme.

On Wednesday, May 25th, incredible wine dinners take place in many of the city's finest dining establishments. Reservations must be made well in advance with the restaurants themselves. These sell out, so reserve NOW!

On Thursday the 26th, the afternoon features the Vinola Tasting in Harrah's Casino. This tasting includes the finest of the wines available at NOWFE. It also sells out, so if you're interested, sign up NOW!

Thursday evening, the Royal Street Stroll takes advantage of New Orleans's unique open-container laws to combine wine-tasting with the open air of Royal Street, as well as its antique stores, art galleries, and live music.

On Friday and Saturday (the 27th and 28th), fascinating seminars take place throughout the day. However, the highlight of the NOWFE is surely the two Grand Tastings. The Friday Grand Tasting is from 6:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m., and the Saturday Grand Tasting is from 2:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. The Grand Tastings feature wines from 175 wineries and food samples from 75 chefs. There's far more wine and food to try than can possibly be sampled in three hours, so if you can afford it, we here at highly recommend attending both tastings. Some restaurants only participate on one of the two days, and this gives you the opportunity to try more of them, as well as making it possible to try more than 10% of the wines being poured.

If you still have any room left (and are sober enough) after Saturday's Grand Tasting, there is an additional event you can sign up for--COCHON 555 featuring Five Chefs & Five Pigs. This pig-based competition sponsored by Cochon challenges 5 chefs to build a menu using 5 heritage pigs from nose to tail. Soo-wee!

Try not to let this incredible wine celebration pass you by without taking part in at least one event. It will be very much worth it.

All events require tickets and/or reservations.


All profits go to local charity groups, which have included in the past the University of New Orleans School of Hotel, Restaurant, & Tourism; the Louisiana Restaurant Association Education Foundation?s ProStart Program; The Chef John Folse Culinary Institute; Delgado Community College Culinary Arts Program; New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts Culinary Arts Program; Girls First; Cancer Crusaders; Southern Animal Foundation; Coach Sean Payton?s Play It Forward Foundation; and Fore! Kids Foundation.


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Martin Summer Beginner's Wine Course

Posted by perle0 on 2011-05-05 16:48:36 (9480 views)

[New Orleans]
If you are interested in learning about wine from the ground up, or just in refreshing your current knowledge, consider the 5-week introductory course at Martin Wine Cellar in Metairie, hosted by wine consultant Marc Pelletier. Participants will explore the principle wine-producing regions, including France, California, Italy, Australia, and many more.

The series begins Monday, May 23, at 6:30 p.m., and reservations are required.

During this seated tasting with lecture series, each taster will sample 6-8 wines each week from top producers throughout the world, complemented by artisanal cheeses. It should be an enjoyable and educational experience!

$100 per person (includes all 5 classes)

Classes begin Monday, May 23rd, and will meet on consecutive Mondays for 5 weeks at 6:30 p.m.
Reserve your seat today.
Space is limited.

Must be 21 to attend.

All 5 classes will be held at the Metairie location at
714 Elmeer Avenue

For more information.


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An Evening of Wine and Roses Benefit in Monroe

Posted by perle0 on 2011-03-04 16:38:17 (9026 views)

This year marks the first annual "An Evening of Wine and Roses," a benefit for Cystic Fibrosis. This premier event will be held April 15, 2011, at the Atrium Hotel in Monroe, Louisiana. Guests will be treated to hors d'oeuvres from the Brandy House, wine tasting from Glazer's of Monroe, live entertainment, and a fantastic silent auction. The celebrity guest for this event is New Orleans Saints legend Morten Andersen.

Just a few of the auction items include autographed items from football legends--Super Bowl and Beyond, great items for kids, music, entertainment, political items, golf, basketball, and baseball. We will also auction fine wines and liquors, and amazing fantasy vacation packages.

Living with cystic fibrosis is truly a struggle for the 30,000 children and adults affected nationwide with over 300 in Louisiana alone. With your help we can make each day a little easier. Every donation and dollar does count.

Fine Wines/Liquors for Auction:
  • Louis Roederer Cristal Brut Champagne 1.5L
  • Caymus Special Selection 2005 3L
  • Fonseca 2000 Vintage Port 1.5l Magnum
  • Johnny Walker Blue King George V Edition
  • Silver Oak Alexander Valley 2004 L
  • Patron Anejo Magnum 1.5L
  • 2005 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 3L

VIP tickets for a meet and greet, autographs, and photos by Patty Stewart Photography with Morten Andersen will be available in a limited number. VIP begins at 5:30 PM. General ticket holder's event begins at 6:00 PM.

Tickets go on sale March 1, 2011, and may be purchased at Wilson Insurance or Learning Express. Sponsorship opportunities are still available. Please call (318)323-5017 for more information, or e-mail or


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Purple and Gold Wine Dinner at Galatoire's Bistro

Posted by perle0 on 2010-11-16 17:53:53 (10071 views)

[Baton Rouge]
On Thursday, November 18th, Galatoire's Bistro will host its Fourth Annual Purple and Gold Wine Dinner, featuring wines from Penfolds. The dinner begins at 7:30, and costs $95/person. Reservations are required. Click Read More for a detailed menu.

Reserve your seat today by calling (225) 753-4864. Please be sure to indicate what event you would like to attend, as well as the number of guests attending.

Galatoire's Bistro
17451 Perkins Road
Baton Rouge, LA 70810
(225) 753-4864


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Juban's Restaurant Hosts Alexander Valley Vineyard Wine Dinner

Posted by kt on 2010-11-03 15:04:42 (11267 views)

[Baton Rouge]
Juban's will host an Alexander Valley Vineyard Wine Dinner on Wednesday, November 10, 2010, with special guest Hank Wetzel, the Proprietor of AVV.

Reception at 6:30pm
Dinner at 7:00pm
$85 per guest, inclusive of tax and gratuity

Reservations: (225)346-8422


Smoked Speckled Trout
cilantro and mango puree

Bittersweet Plantation Holly Cow-Vache Sante
wild Louisiana quince & pear chutney
Estate Viognier, Alexander Valley 2007

Shrimp & Okra Hash
spicy Louisiana wild-caught shrimp over okra, tomato and bacon hash
Gewurztraminer, Mendocino County 2009

Crab Avery
Louisiana lump crab served with a julienne of mixed lettuce, capers, red onions, bleu cheese crumbles lemon and parsley
Estate Chardonnay, Alexander Valley, Sonoma 2008

Death by Gumbo
Bobwhite quail stuffed with Jazzman rice, andouille and oysters seasoned with file, accompanied with a rich gumbo stock
"Redemption" Zinfandel, Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma 2006

Chateaubriand aux Forestiere
center cut prime tenderloin accompanied with saut?ed wild mushrooms and veal glace over fresh fall root vegetables
Estate Cabernet Sauvignon, Alexander Valley, Sonoma 2007

Chocolate Marquis
cabernet sauvignon syrup, English Cheddar and Spanish Manchego
Cyrus, Alexander Valley, Sonoma 2006
Juban's Creole Restaurant
3739 Perkins Road
Baton Rouge, LA


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